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Third-Generation Family Owned and Operated

Established in 1969 by Norm Nelson, we are a boarding and training facility located in Los Banos, California. 

Meet the Nelson Kennels Family

Left - Great-Grandpa Norm Nelson, still loves to come out and watch dogs working

Center - Norms daughter, Linda Azevedo took over the business when her father retired

Right - Linda's son, Scott Azevedo continues as one of the top pointing dog trainers in the nation

Bottom - Scott's son, Leo Azevedo is the up and coming 4th generation professional dog handler!

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Our Services

Dog Boarding

Full service husbandry for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

Gun Dog Training

Training for all pointing breeds ranging from puppy exposure to finished hunting companions.

Obedience and Pointing Dog Lessons

Learn how to train your dog yourself, or continue training your dog after sending them to training with us. 

AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests

Get your dog on the circuit with our professional handlers!

"All of our canine kids have been either superbly trained or simply loved beyond any other boarding facility. Some human owner types come away better trained as well which takes even more of Scott's patience! I have had 3 dogs trained as field trial (one) and hunting (two) by Nelson Kennels. I have also boarded 3 other dogs at their facility for months while our house was being sold. I can attest that Scott and Linda are the most caring, competent trainers I have met. I personally attended many training sessions to watch my dog's progress. Due to the efforts of Scott and Linda, I have a great field trial dog (Blue) and two great hunting dogs (Gunner and Reagan). I would recommend using the Azevedos and Nelson Kennels to anyone who truly values their dogs."

Tom and Nancy Fossey

"Scott has been working with me and my Brittany puppy since the beginning of the year. He really understands dogs and does not use harsh techniques. I have learned so much and appreciate his calm demeanor. It has now come time for me to send my pup off for a time to get more intensive bird and water work and I did not hesitate to reach out to Scott. The kennels are clean and safe and I know my pup will get top-notch care and fantastic training."

Heidi Heffelfinger

"Nelson Kennels is safe and clean. My babies are treated like family. I never worry leaving my dogs with Nelson Kennels. Anything I ask, they can and do take care of."

Jean Carol

"Great family business! My dogs are doing great in training and I am very pleased with the progress. Mock hunt test was fun and educational and we had a blast! Thank you for the invite!"

Jeri Conklin

Call toll free 24/7 for more information or to schedule an appointment

1 (833) NKENNEL

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